Why Rhonda Allison?

I have researched and selected my retail products very carefully. I could offer any product available, and I chose Rhonda Allison for several important reasons.” 

  • the use of cutting-edge science
  • 2x the amount of active ingredients as other cosmeceuticals
  • quality ingredients
  • choices and customization for all skin types
  • longevity of the products
  • developed by a licensed aesthetician with a background in cosmeceuticals
  • education.  In order to purchase professional acids and enzymes, I must b e a licensed professional and am required to purchase educational materials and attend seminars.  Certain professional acids are not available for purchase unless I have taken a Rhonda Allison Advanced Peel Seminar.

 FINALLY, any product that is sold

  • in-mass on the internet
  • in a mainstream store
  • or as an MLM (multi-level marketing), is going to have some restrictions on the level of active ingredients that may be used.

This is simply due to the risk. They have to make these less active so that anyone can simply open the package and start using it without any sort of guidance by a skin care professional.

They simply won’t deliver the same results a quality cosmeceutical formula will. 

I believe that you will see a difference in your skin with the first treatment and will continue to achieve the goals you have for your skin with a dedicated RA home care regimen.

Take charge of your health and beauty today with professional skincare!




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